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The Top 15 Redneck Porno Movies

15) I Know You Done Your Sister Last Summer
14) Turn Her and Hooch
13) Urban Cow, Boy!
12) Debbie Does Dullards
11) I Am Curious, Ol' Yeller
10) 9 1/2 Teeth
9) The Silence of the Sheep (God Willing)
8) Nasty NASCAR Nimphama--, uh, Nymfama--, uh, Crazy Nekkid Gals!
7) Deep Goat
6) Crouchin' Brother, His'n Sister
5) Auntie Get Your Gums
4) The Girl Who Could Not Run Faster Than Her Brothers
3) Behind the Green Teeth
2) Bob and Carol and Bessie and Babe
1) Three Men and a Beatty
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