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What CAN I Do?!?

I am in yet another asphyxiated dilemma with the people I like. I have like three guys that I have the hots for and only one of them likes me. I shouldn't say "The Hots" but rather the trust. All three are good friends and they were there for me when everyone else turned their backs in my direction. They were the ones saying "Life Will Get Better" and "Just Give It Time and Things Will Start to Heal." They were also the ones that said "I Love You" and gave me an innocent kiss on the cheek...

I miss my friends. These three are my true friends. Yeah, I have others... but these guys are the greatest people I could ever imagine having and it hurts that since we "grew up" and "moved on" that we never talk anymore. Oh well... I just need to catch up on the growing up part I guess...

Anyways, I'm off to get my haircut and going to work. I'll write again l8r as I need to vent my personal frustrations to someone/thing.
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