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Poem: My Angel's Tears

Every night as I go to bed,
I see a vision in my head,
An angel comes from up above,
To show to me the truth of love.
This angel of mine with eyes so blue,
Has hair of fire, and purpose true,
And when he smiles the world is bright,
But love must wait till the time is right.

But then I strayed for I never knew,
That my angel�s love was oh so true,
I loved another, or so I believed,
And turned my back on my angel in his time of need.
I hurt him so, this angel of mine,
A gift from the Gods, his love so divine,
I know now that our love is true,
Oh help me God, what can I do?

I need my angel, and love him so,
But he hurts so much and can�t let go,
I need him to know he�s the love of my life,
And always has been throughout the strife.
If he�ll forgive my mistake and come back to me,
We�ll walk together through life no matter what may be,
And never again through all the years
Will I ever cause my angel�s tears.

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